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Remote Users

Virtual Private Networks are revolutionizing communications on the same order of magnitude as fax, voicemail, and e-mail. The cost, functionality, and ease-of-use of a VPN are unmatched by any previous networking solution or technology. Organizations now have the opportunity to leverage the power of the Internet in order to create a wide variety of globally accessible e-business applications.

Cloudconnector Virtual Private Networks enable remote users, telecommuters, offices, data centers, and business partners to communicate as one, cohesive unit. Cloudconnector VPNs combine the cost and performance advantage of the Internet with the security and control of a private network.

Cloudconnector VPNs are built on the strongest encryption available, 3DES, over the industry standard tunneling protocol, IPsec.

Triple DES (3DES) is a strong form of encryption (168 bit) that allows sensitive information to be transmitted over un-trusted networks. Triple DES is an enhancement to the DES algorithm and virtually erases the ability of hackers to force their way onto a private network. It uses three different keys and three phases of DES encryption/decryption to encrypt and decrypt data.

IPsec is a set of protocols and formats for negotiating secure communications over a public IP infrastructure, like the Internet. It includes protocols for data formats, secure key exchange, and encryption methods. IPsec provides secure communications between devices that conform to the IPsec standard ensuring compatibility across vendors.

Fully managed VPN solutions are included in Cloudconnector's service offerings. VPN management provides a variety of benefits including:
  • Network design
  • Equipment configuration/installation
  • Authentication configuration/installation
    • username/password
    • RADIUS
    • X.509 certificates
    • Token (SecurID)
  • Remote user configuration/deployment
  • Add/Deletion of offices/users
  • Policy changes
  • Fault diagnosis and resolution
  • Bandwidth allocation and management
  • Filtering and group-based permissions
  • Automated backup of configuration
  • Irregular session detection
  • Onsite hardware maintenance
  • Security testing and reporting
  • Robust Support
Remote Users
Whether road warriors, telecommuters, or business partners, remote users can now gain secure access to the corporate resources from anywhere in the world, anytime. Cloudconnector provides secure, easy-to-use remote access VPN solutions. Cloudconnector remote user services include dialup access, personal firewalls and 24x7x365 support offerings.

Cloudconnector VPN consultants can help your organization choose the most suitable VPN service. Contact us and let us know how we can help.
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