Building a mission critical extranet for customers or partners? Creating an internal VPN for mobile business units? Looking for a managed service provider to implement a company-wide network?

Cloudconnector Virtual Private Networks mean secured anytime-anywhere applications that look and behave the same all over the world and are accessible to an organizationís business units, customers, and partners alike.

Cloudconnector's proven 4-phase service methodology is built around objectivity and customer advocacy. Gain a competitive edge with Cloudconnector professional services:

The Cloudconnector team works with each organization to define a core business vision, identify the correct technologies and services, understand the user requirements and guidelines, and create a VPN Blueprint.

A pilot project is set up with the Client to beta test the new VPN in a controlled and measured environment, develop necessary VPN technology, create effective sales & marketing tools, and refine user requirements.

The Cloudconnector team works with the client to bring the first version of the VPN into operation. Operating capabilities and scalabilities issues are developed and relationships are activated with service providers and partners.

The VPN is surveyed and assessed for acceptance, performance, security, and compatibility. The Cloud Connector team then works with the Client to improve the VPN and approach a next generation solution.

Cloudconnector VPN consultants can help your organization choose the most suitable VPN. Contact us and let us know how we can help.
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